Weather Routing/Smart Ship Service

The global maritime information system

The global maritime information system
in the level of specialized organizations and leading ship companies is available.

This service provides the weather routing information to support the safety and economy of ship navigation and realizes the real-time monitoring of the marine information such as the positions, their engine and navigational equipment information of your own ships on the shore. The weather and oceanographic layers can be overlaid on each other and the VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) information can also be displayed on a PC screen, allowing you to acquire maritime information with higher accuracy. By introducing the J-Marine Routing and J-Marine GIS for Web Pro f unctions, you can obtain the global maritime information compared to the information provided by research institutes, university laboratories and leading ship companies.

Service Items

Weather Routing  [J-Marine Routing]

  • The highly accurate weather routing based on detailed weather forecasts is provided to vessels and shore.
  • By linking JRC’ s ECDIS with the weather routing, optimum routing is available *1.

Vessel Management  [J-Marine GIS for Web Pro]

  • The positions, engine and navigational equipment information of your own ships are monitored in real time on the shore.
  • The failure and alarm conditions of navigational equipment can be monitored, allowing quick response and repairs to be made.
  • Such various information and data can be selected to meet the individual purposes and the order of overlaying the information layers can be set.

Weather/Oceano graphic/Port Information  [J-Marine GIS for Web Pro]

  • The weather/oceanographic information layers including wave hei ghts and directions, wind directions and velocities, weather ch arts, typhoons, rainfalls can be selected and displayed.
  • The vessel movement surveillance information and the weather/oc eanographic information collected by AIS, marine radars and meteorological sensors can be displayed through the JRC’ s VTS*2.
  • The measured distances and areas, the dangerous zones, and tags and memos can be displayed on a map, allowing sharing of infor mation between shore and ship.

*1:To Be Developed
*2:Vessel Traffic Service



  • 1. 初期投資を極力お安く
  • 2. お手持ちのパソコンで気軽に閲覧可能
  • 3. 船陸間で情報の共有が可能

For introducing this service, the following is required:

  • ご契約
  • 船舶側機器 J-Marine BOX*1 VDR装置*2 Inmarsat/VSAT 装置 ECDIS*3
  • ソフトウェア J-Marine GIS for Web Pro J-Marine Routing*3
  • 閲覧環境*4 パソコンまたは タブレット端末 (お客様でご用意)



  • *1: The J-Marine Box is a box-type computer necessary to gather data in the J-Marine Cloud.
  • *2: The JRC VDR (JCY-1800) is to be installed on your vessel.
  • *3: Necessary for Plan A contractor.
  • *4: This service is browsable on your PC or tablet in use.

Contract Plans:

  • プランA 「ウェザールーティング」「気象海象・港湾情報」「船舶管理」のすべての機能をセットにしたスペシャルプラン
  • プランB 「気象海象・港湾情報」「船舶管理」のみ必要なお客様のための標準プラン
  • プランC 「船舶管理」のみ必要なお客様のためのミニマムプラン

●The user requiring only “Weather Routing” is requested to consult with JRC.

プランA プランB プランC

ウェザールーティング [J-Marine Routing]

気象海象、港湾情報 [J-Marine GIS for Web Pro]

船舶管理 [J-Marine GIS for Web Pro]

Flow of Service Introduction:

1.ご相談 2.ご契約 3.機器設置 4.システム認証 5.使用開始

is only for reference and may be subject to change due to contract plan, number of your own ship, required functions and any other conditions.

System Configuration

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J-Marine Routing システム構成