Installation Example Fish Cage Monitoring System

The use of radar
has remarkably enhanced
the anti-theft effect.

This System has been delivered to our customer, UCHIUMI Corporation which had examined the anti-theft measure in the cooperation with DAINICHI Corporation.

It was the opportunity of Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo 2016.

We thank you for your introduction of the "Fish Cage Monitoring System".
How did you know and introduce the fish cage monitoring system and how are you operating it?

On receiving the consultation about the anti-theft measure by UCHIUMI Corp., fish farmer, which had worried about the damages due to thefts. DAINICHI Corp. had examined the installation of monitoring cameras such as infrared cameras, but the monitoring of fish cages floating off shore had not been so easy.

At Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo 2016, DAINICHI Corp. knew the radar-based monitoring system and requested for the cooperation to NIPPON KANZAI CENTER & CO.,LTD. and HIRAOKA & CO.,LTD., and Japan Radio Co.,Ltd.

As a result, DAINICHI Corp. made the practical experiments at the facility of UCHIUMI Corp. which is one of DAINICHI Corp.'s customers and had been worried about the damages due to thefts.

Now, fish cage monitoring system has been sold to UCHIUMI Corp. and put into the practical use. It has been operating successfully.

We believe that it had been a heavy burden for you to make night patrols for watching the thefts of farmed fish.

What problems or troubles did you have in your operation before introducing the "Fish Cage Monitoring System"?

In the fish farming, normally, there should be no large difference between the purchased quantity and the shipped quantity. However, since 2013, the cases that the shipped quantity has been reduced by 15 to 30% have come out continuously. As it was supposed that such reduction might be due to thefts, the measure for reducing the damages due to thefts has been examined since August 2015.

At first, it was examined to install monitoring cameras on shore and on ships, but the camera images were unclear and the night patrols were a heavy burden. Then, it was decided to introduce the radar for monitoring.

The anti-theft effect has remarkably been enhanced, allowing the effective night watch!

Could you tell us the effects and merits of the introduction of the "Fish Cage Monitoring system"?

The introduction of radar has remarkably enhanced the anti-theft effect.

When any suspected ship enters the monitoring area, it is reported to a smart phone automatically and the radar image can be seen on the smart phone, and the track of the suspected ship and whether it is mooring in any fish cage can be monitored. So it can be determined whether the night patrols to the fish cages off shore should be made for confirmation.

If a trouble occurs in any of the fish cages, the playback function is used to trace back to the past track of any suspected ship which entered the radar monitoring area and determine whether there is a theft case.

As the tendency in which many ships are navigating in the vicinity of the monitoring area on any specific week days, in any specific seasons or under any specific weathers has been made clear, it has been possible to choose when the night patrols are made effectively.

However, this gives only the theft suppression effect. Therefore, it is considered to increase the number of solar panels for supplying the power on the sea waters off shore which can drive the floodlights and video cameras to sequentially operate and take the photos or videos of the scene of theft.

It is considered that this system can be applied suitably to automatic bait distribution and water temperature surveys!

If this "Fish Cage Monitoring System" is expected for any future applications, could you tell us about them?

At present, one solar power island system in which the radar is installed and operated around a fish cage. To enhance the monitoring accuracy, it is planned to install multiple radar monitoring systems integrated with monitoring cameras. The monitoring cameras will be operated to take the video and still images only when the radar detects any suspected ship so that the time duration for confirming past images can be shortened.

If the better system which has the higher performance and is used for a wider range of applications is developed, the system will make more contribution to prevention of poaching and theft of farmed fish.

By stabilizing the performance of the solar panels to provide stable power in the unstable water areas, it is expected that the system can be used for various applications including not only for prevention of thefts of farmed fish but also for automatic bait distribution to farmed fish and water temperature surveys.

Introduction of Fish Cage Monitoring System

System Configuration

The "fish cages" are monitored by the radar system on a 24-hour basis to prevent the intrusion of suspected boats. The radar system is operated by the Solar Power Island installed in the vicinity of the fish cages. If a suspected boat crosses the intrusion detection line, the fish cage administrator is informed of it by e-mail and the suspected boat is exposed by the irradiation of the flashlight for crime prevention. The administrator can access to the J-Marine Cloud on Internet to monitor the situation of the fish cages from a remote place.

Towable Solar Power Island

The most remarkable feature of this system is a "towable" solar power island. The island has the floating structure which can be installed and freely movable on the seawater. If the monitoring spot is changed by season, the island system can flexibly be moved.

Monitoring of Suspected Boats by Radar

The radar system monitors suspected boats approaching the fish cages. The radar system provides a wide range of surveillance and can detect suspected boats at sea even under nighttime conditions or in poor visibility. If the radar system detects a suspected boat, the boat is irradiated by the flashlight to demonstrate the anti-theft effect.

Monitoring of Fish Cages by Use of Cloud

When a suspected boat is detected by radar, the intrusion of the boat is informed to the administrator by e-mail, who can immediately monitor the situation of the fish cage and trace the track of the suspected boat on escape on a smart-phone or a tablet.

User Interface

  • Radar ImageRadar Image
  • Monitoring ImageMonitoring Image
  • Playback ImagePlayback Image

Customer’s Profile

Company Name DAINICHI Corporation
Location of Main Office: 1385, Uwajima-shi Yorimatsu Kou1385, Ehime Prefecture
Representative CEO: Katsunori Tamaru
President: Makoto Tamaru
Foundation March, 1982






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Installation example(Fish Cage Monitoring System)
Installation Example Fish Cage Monitoring System