Fish Cage Monitoring System

Power Generation in Fish Cages!
Generated electric power allows the status
and videos of cages to be monitored!

The video monitoring and status grasping of fish cages offshore can be made by the use of a solar power generation system and a mobile phone communications network.

At the “Fish Cages” offshore, the solar panels generate electric power to collect the seawater sensor data including water temperature, current, wind direction and velocity and to monitor the still and animated images obtained by camera. The data and images are transmitted to the J-Marine Cloud, allowing the weather/oceanographic data and the fish cage status images to be monitored by the Web browser.

Features of Fish Cage Monitoring System

  • “Fish Cages” integrated with “Solar Power” and “Sensors + Cloud”
    The fish cages offshore are fitted with solar panels, cameras and sensors to collect data and monitor images. The data and images are transmitted to the J-Marine Cloud via a mobile phone network. This system allows the remote monitoring of fish cages status offshore that has not been made so far.
  • Sensor data collection
    The weather/oceanographic data including surface water temperature, current, wind direction and velocity can be collected.
  • Monitoring of still and animated images of surrounding environments
    The surrounding environments of the fish cages can be taken by cameras to allow their latest still images to be monitored and the animated images to be streamed in real time at a shore station. The past images can be related.
  • Use of maintenance-free power system
    The adoption of solar panels and storage batteries allows maintenance-free operation of the system.
  • Use of mobile phone network and satellite link
    The data and images can be transmitted to a shore station via a mobile phone network linked with the ORBCOMM or Iridium satellite system.

System Summary of Fish Cage Monitoring System

Power System ,Solar PanelSolar Panel ,Controller ,Battery ,DC/AC Inverter .Senor System ,Barometer ,GPS Compass ,Wind Meter ,Mobile Phone Network ,Camera ,Box Computer ,Camera ,Water Temperature Meter ,Multilayer Current Meter Fish Cage (Offshore),Mobile Phone Network/Satellite Link,Cloud,J-MARINE CLOUD,Camera Image, Animated Image, Sensor Data,Web Browser (Shore)

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