Exhibit Report:SeaJapan2022

JRC's concept of Smart Ship connects land and
ship and advances into the future.

We exhibited at "SEA JAPAN 2022" held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from April 20 (Wed.) to 22 (Fri.), 2022. We introduced the latest marine electronics, services, and applications centered on the "JRC Smart Ship Concept," which aims to realize automated ship operations in the near future.

Actions by JRC for Implementing Unmanned Navigation

JRC smart ship milestones

VR experience at the Land Support Center

JRC's vision of a land-based support center that remotely supports future automated vessels was introduced through VR contents.
Visitors were fitted with VR goggles and used controllers to move around the VR space and experience the display screens and explanations of each piece of equipment.

*Japanese Ver


*Japanese Ver

VR experience


Integrated ship operator support system
- Adhering to safe navigation by high-intelligence ship -

On video, we introduced the development project of the “Integrated Ship Operator Support System” for the accurate operation judgement by using the latest technologies such as AI towards the realization of the automatically operated ship.

*Japanese Ver



The unmanned ship project “MEGURI2040”
The Land Support Center

JRC participated in the DFFAS consortium in the unmanned ship project “MEGURI2040” and was in charge of the development of the “Land Support Center”. In the JRC booth, we showed the operation status of the unmanned ship on the display of the system and introduced the actual “Land Support Center”, where a captain and a chief engineer monitor from the land in remote mode as operators.

Integrated display of voyage plan, Status analysis screen

Smart Ship Viewer(SSV)

We introduced the “off-course monitoring function” and the “download function”, which are the new functions of Smart Ship Viewer, a system that enables the checking of the ship to be controlled through the Web browser.

NeCST Manager

We introduced NeCST Manager, which enables the mutual sharing of information with NeCST of the managed ship in real time. NeCST supports quick decision-making tasks from the land in emergency cases.


J-Marine NeCST

J-Marine NeCST JAN-470(26inch)
We introduced the “playback function”, “information distribution function”, and “optimized route” as the new functions of NeCST that support safe navigation.

Safety Zone Viewer function

Marine Radar JMR-9200/7200 series
Safety Zone Viewer function
We introduced the Safety Zone Viewer function, an optional function of the JMR-9200 Series.
SZV enables a navigation officer to intuitively understand a safe navigation territory by displaying high collision risk areas on the radar screen.
SZV is scheduled to be released in June 2022 and becomes available by updating the JMR-9200 Series.
Safety Zone Viewer function Off
Safety Zone Viewer function On

Solid-state X-band scanner

We introduced X-band solid state radar that complies with the domestic laws and regulations and IMO.
The solid-state radar contributes to the cost reduction as it does not require magnetron replacement and also to the improvement of detection performance for its signal processing unique to the solid state feature.

Marine Radar JMR-9200/7200 series
9-ft solid-state X-band scanner

Marine VHF radiotelephone JHS-800S

Marine VHF radiotelephone JHS-800S
We introduced the "VHF-MFD Linkage Function" that enables easy DSC (general individual call) from AIS (Automatic Identification System) targets on the radar PPI (Plan Position Indicator) screen or ECDIS chart. We also gave a presentation in the booth.

Display screen

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress

We introduced the antenna lineup that supports Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX).
FX (Fleet Xpress) that realizes high speed and stable communication is a system that switches seamlessly between GX (Global Xpress), which provides high-speed communication, and FB (FleetBroadband), which ensures stable communication without the influence of rain, according to the situation.

Fleet Broadband
Global Xpress
Inmarsat FB
Inmarsat FB
Inmarsat GX
Inmarsat GX

Echo Sounder JFE-400/700

We introduced a new echo sounder, JFE-400/700, which realizes high-accuracy and high-reliability sounding performance. JFE-400/700 is equipped with a high-visibility color touch-panel LCD complying with the IMO Resolution MSC.74 (69) Annex 4 and records and outputs depth data of the past 48 hours.

A printer can be installed
in model JFE-400 separately.
*The stand is optional.
A printer is incorporated in JFE-700,
as an all-in-one model.

Autopilot “AlphaPilot” and a berthing system, “AlphaMINDS”

Autopilot “AlphaPilot” and a berthing system, “AlphaMINDS”, which are manufactured by Alphatron, a subsidiary of JRC, were exhibited for the first time in this country.

Autopilot “AlphaPilot” and a berthing system, “AlphaMINDS”

Smart bridge system

We introduced an appealing smart bridge system of high operability and convenience. This system contributes to the reduction of environmental loads by functionally arranging a radar, radio equipment, and a joystick for steering on the bridge console of the one-man steering specification with the European design incorporated.

Smart Bridge Case Study:e5 Lab Inc./ Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd.